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RIPPED OFF! I've been a customer of Sam

Royhob at United Spas for almost 15 years. The last few years he's been rather

kurt and unfriendly. Sam Royhob sells spa parts and manufacturers spa equipment

packs, well, his brother does the work from what I've seen. Sam sold me one of

his website "templates" with his spa parts products on it for $1,000, which to

date I have been unable to use and brought it to his attention many times via

email, phone calls and text message, meanwhile he has held on to my money. A few

months back In 2012 I went in to buy a pump from United Spas, I brought the

customers existing- old spa pump in to the United Spas warehouse/ shop and set

in on their workbench to match up with a new replacement. Sam provided me a

pump, I installed it. Customer called repeatedly complaining it was not strong

enough, I went in to United Spas to report they gave me the wrong pump. They

told me I could not return the pump and I would have to buy a new one. I

explained that THEY gave me this pump after "matching it up". For days the

customer called me getting understandably more irate, I would text message Sam

who would outright ignore me. He finally responded when I told him I would have

the customer call him directly. He then text me to come in and get another pump.

I did, this classless lowlife left it by the front door and locked the front

door when I arrived. I text him later about another part and he claimed they

"don't want my business". I filed a lawsuit in Superior Court Orange County

against Sam Royhob. When giving my statements to the judge why I was suing Sam

Royhob and the website didn't work therefore I want my money back. The judge

asked Sam Royhob to explain why he doesn't owe me any money and OMG.... I've

always known Sam Royhob to a be a liar, his stories would never add up and

change from one time to the next time he told it. He even borrowed my BMW 745i

and told others it was HIS car so I knew lies were part of his warped character.

In court he told so many lies my head was spinning and my blood boiling! First

he said I didn't buy the site from him, I bought it from some guy named Bruce.

I have no idea who the *** "Bruce" is. The he claimed he owns United Spas and

had no idea who "SpaVision" is but yet that was the invoice he created and

emailed me with United Spas address and came attached to Sam Royhob's email

address. Then Sam Royhob claimed he doesn't do business under any other names

however, his email address goes to SpasRUs, which just happens to be another

e-commerce template, almost identical to the one he sold me; coincidence or is

"Bruce" up to his old tricks again.... Sam Royhob told the judge this was some

generic website I bought from some guy named Bruce; I pointed out to the judge

ALL the parts have UNITED SPAS watermarked on the photos. The original website

had UNITED SPAS logo on it before I replaced it with mine. Sam went on to spew

some garbage that he was merely consulting for "Bruce" at "SpaVision", the guy I

have never met who has Sam Royhobs products watermarked on it. I told the judge

in addition to the lies, the site not working, the site going down frequently,

the payment gateway inoperable and the shipping module inoperable Sam Royhob

claimed I approached him to buy an e-commerce website and he never received any

money from me. That I paid "Bruce" at "SpaVision". When I have the cancelled

check payable to Sam Royhob. Sam also stated to the judge he stopped selling to

me not because he gave me the wrong pump, but because I don't have enough

experience and it's a liability to sell to me. I have worked on thousands upon

thousands of pools and spas and been in the business for 17 years, I have 2

contractors licenses including a c-10 electrical, and I'm fully insured. But

yet Sam Royhob has told me many times about all the jokers who buy parts from

him that have no idea what they're doing, he cannot stand and waste his time.

It was quite difficult to listen to so many bold faced lies at once. This

delusional sociopathic pathological lying *** needs to take his act to

Hollywood! When we were leaving the court room he called me many derogatory

names including a *** slurr- ***. Well Sam, now I know you're a narrow

minded classless biggot too, in addition to a habitual liar and your customers

should all know who they are dealing with at United Spas 2480 N Glassell St,

Orange, CA. This was someone I considered a friend for 15 years plus. His

recently deceased father must be so proud of his performance in court and the waste of a

human he's turned out to be.............. Karma Sam Royhob

Review about: Spa Parts.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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